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About Properties in Guanacaste

Properties in Costa Rica is a company devoted to Real Estate.

Our primary goal is to give our clients and investors the best possible solution to their Real Estate needs. We always follow clear and sound procedures and provide you with accurate and up to date information so that you can be sure about the safety of your investment.

Our company is composed of a committed group of professionals in Engineering, International Market, Finances and Real Estate Brokerage. We also count with professional consultants (attorneys, architects, engineers) that will help our clients accomplish their property or investment goals.


Federico Bonilla

Federico has been in the construction business for over fifteen years, eight of those in the Guanacaste area. His passion for building led him to become involved in real estate. His background in the home building makes him the ideal person to advice on the value and advantages of certain homes and properties, as well as the best lots for construction.

Federico is also active in the business of vacation rentals which gives him the experience and knowledge regarding the finances, maintenance and other matters of importance with regard to owning a second home.


Oscar Perez

Born and raised in San Jose, Oscar moved to Tamarindo in 2005 in pursuit of a better quality of life, closer to the beautiful beaches of Guanacaste. With over twelve years of experience in real estate in the region, Oscar has a deep understanding and knowledge of a full range of the real estate market. Having worked extensively in Hacienda Pinilla and Reserva Conchal, Oscar has developed a specialty in the area of resort development properties.

Currently living in Junquillal, Oscar has helped many clients find their ideal home or property. Honest, trustworthy and knowledgeable, Oscar is well-known as a real estate agent focused on his client's satisfaction.


Joel Martino

Born and raised in Western Australia, Joel's life changed the first time he visited Costa Rica over 13 years ago.

Falling in love with both the natural beauty of Costa Rica and his Costa Rican wife to be, Michelle, "I knew straight away that I wanted to be here in Costa Rica living this incredible life that it offered".

After some time back in Australia working in offshore construction, the inevitable decision was made to transplant the growing family back to Costa Rica.

Since then joel has expanded his family with 2 beautiful "jungle kids" Indi and Soli Martino.

After living all along the pacific costa of Costa Rica, Joel and his family settled in the Tamarindo region of Guanacaste.

Joel is now focusing his energy into the Tamarindo area and more specifically the iconic development of Hacienda Pinilla.

From project management of luxury new builds, management of high end vacation rentals and the selling of homes within the 4500 acres of Hacienda Pinilla, Joel has a fantastic insight having learning the Hacienda Pinilla market inside and out.

Joel as a bi lingual english and Spanish speaker is a great asset with a fresh insight into the current real estate market and investment opportunities available here in Guanacaste.

Having lived the experience of bringing his family back to Costa Rica, Joel can help you with your needs from investment to a family perspective.


Andres Murillo

Andres Murillo, the youngest agent at Properties in Costa Rica, was born and raised in San Jose, Costa Rica. Andres completed his bachelor degree in business administration and marketing. He decided to pursuit his study and completed a licensure program in business administration.

Andres moved to live by the beach due to his love for surfing and the ocean. After finishing his program, he quickly got a job with Grupo Diriá, the biggest and most important developer company in Tamarindo area.

He received the position as the assistant of the director of the company, where he gained his first experiences in developing projects, selling real estate and getting to know the area all around the coast. He was involved as a sales person and helped with important projects around the area, from getting permits to managing contracting companies.

With his dedication, Andres learned about the Real Estate market in the area and with this knowledge he is a great resource for you. He can help you with any advice, in both English and Spanish, regarding the Guanacaste Real Estate market from residential to commercial.


Art Guzman

Art is an experienced broker and the founder of Properties in Costa Rica. He is committed to excellence in dedicated service and the success of a skillfully executed real estate transaction.

Having been born and raised in Costa Rica, Art appreciates the beauty and energy of his country. Art started his career in real estate as a sales manager for a family construction company, where he worked for three years. There, he quickly learned about the construction process, the importance of the right staging, and how to design and implement marketing campaigns to attract buyers. He assisted clients each step of the way, from obtaining financing through closing.

Having discovered real estate as his passion, Art founded Properties in Costa Rica in 1999. He attended courses at the National Association of Realtors as well as seminars and conventions throughout the country in search of more knowledge and experience, all the while growing his network of contacts. Art has since acted as a consultant for the National Association of Realtors and assisted in the design of their first multiple listing service in Costa Rica. Properties in Costa Rica experienced great success and became the first international office for United Country Real Estate, a U.S. company. During this time Art continued to fuel his success by attending training sessions in both Costa Rica and the United States. He participated in United Country’s National Conventions in Las Vegas, New Orleans, Austin and Florida. They say passion breeds success and Arts dedication and passion for the real estate industry propelled Properties in Costa Rica’s growth into one of the premier real estate establishments in the Nation.

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